Whoever said that decking was boring obviously never saw the potential in stylish, responsible, well-constructed alternatives. That’s why Apollo Decking offers a low-maintenance, PVC-free, 100% recycled option, without sacrificing the aesthetic dignity. With the look and feel of real wood, our composite decking resembles natural wood, but without the annoying personality quirks. Guaranteed to last 25+ years with ultra low fade, decking doesn’t get any easier than it does with Apollo.

We feel good about what we put into our decking, and we want you to feel good about it, too.

Our products are designed with the sole intent of providing your outdoor living space with a beautiful, contemporary look that also gives back to the surrounding environment, taking plastic out of the oceans and blending it with the strongest & most vast resource on the planet: bamboo. Constructed to withstand decades of wear and tear, Apollo Decking is built to last, so you can spend quality time on a deck you love and trust. Your deck is an extension of your home, and it should also be an extension of you — so why not feel good about where you unwind after a long day?