What are they made of and why does that matter?
Our unique composite makeup, comprised of natural bamboo fibers (48%), recycled high-density polyethylene [HDPE] (48%), and performance additives (4%), is specifically engineered to be a lifetime product and outlasts traditional wood decks and PVC-composites. Our bamboo composite decking is eco-conscious, easy to maintain, and more durable than other materials, making it the safest and best choice for your home or project.

How long do they take to install?
100 square feet can take anywhere between 15-20 minutes total.

Which surfaces are best for installation?

Any existing surface that is hard and flat, with proper drainage.

Which surfaces are unsuitable for installation?
Sand, crushed rock or gravel, and grass.

Why are some surfaces better for installation, and some aren’t?
Like any other outdoor building material, Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles will naturally expand, contract and settle to their environment over time. Softer surfaces, such as sand or rock, naturally shift and do not allow for the tiles to properly anchor to their surface.

Can I install the tiles on a rooftop?
Yes, as long as your rooftop is both flat and has proper drainage, so there isn’t any standing water under your tile layout. Also, be sure to lay a plastic membrane on top of the rooftop before laying down any tiles.

Can I install the tiles on a driveway?
No. We do not recommend you use Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles as an alternative for any type of driveway or parking space. Our tiles are not designed to be driven on with any type of vehicle and are meant to be enjoyed with friends & family as a new deck and patio alternative.

Can I install the tiles near or around a swimming pool/hot tub?
Yes! Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles are engineered to withstand the potential abuse of a pool or spa-like environment. Our tiles contain UV-inhibitors, anti-mildicides and performance-enhancing additives that are immune to the most common chemicals used in pools and hot tubs. On top of that, our tiles are also slip-resistant and anchor to any hard, flat surface.

Will the tiles stain or bleach?
No. Any spill can be cleaned up by simply mixing some soap and water, and using a soft-bristle brush or steel-wool pad to wipe away any excess residue. For more information on maintaining your Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles, please refer to our installation guide or video tutorials.

Are the tiles slippery when wet?
Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles are purposely designed to be slip-resistant. Even when wet, our tiles have been manufactured to reduce the slickness of most other installed surfaces.

Will snow/ice/moisture effect their look or performance in any way?
Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles will remain unaffected as long as the designated installation area has proper drainage and standing water isn’t a concern. Once the snow/ice melts however, your tiles may need a good cleaning. 

Will the tiles expand/contract in cold weather climates?
Very minimally. During the first 90 days after installation, you should expect some normal expansion and contraction to occur. This will continue at a minimal rate upon installation, but should not affect the overall layout of your deck or patio.

Can I lay “fill-in” material, such as sand or limestone, between the slats?
NO! DO NOT fill-in the gapped slats with any type of small- or large-grained material, whether it’s sand, limestone, or fine gravel. The elevated substrate and gapped slats are specifically designed to ensure both proper drainage and air flow between the product and the surface.

Can I cut the tiles?
Yes! Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles cut, mill and route just like solid wood. We recommend using a 60-tooth carbide tipped blade. When making a cut, make sure to remove any screws that may be in the path of the blade using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver or bit.

How do I get a finished edge?
Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles can have a finished look as-is, or for a more polished look, we also manufacture trim pieces.

What are the measurements of the trim accessory pieces?
Male and female trim are 11-9/16”x3-13/16”x0.88” (without pegs) and 12x-1/16”x3-3/16”x0.88” (with pegs). Corners are 2-3/4”x2-3/4”x0.88” (without pegs) and 3-5/16”x3-5/16”x0.88” (with pegs).

What is the thickness of each tile?
Each individual deck tile and corresponding accessory pieces are all measured 0.88” thickness.

What if I preferred a curved edge?
Getting a curved edge requires cutting tiles to match your patio design, however Apollo trim kits are not compatible with this method.

Do I need to grout the tiles?
No. Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles have a patent-pending design that is a unique, interlocking system which sits flush on any flat, level surface. DO NOT GROUT, as ample drainage is required.

Do I need to use adhesive to keep them in place?
No. Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles are specifically designed to present a “floating” look, and our unique, interlocking system anchors each tile to any hard, flat surface with several plastic grips on the underside of each tile for ample stability.

Do I need to attach the tiles to a substrate?
While the system does not require any fastening to a substrate, our unique, interlocking system does not require any fastening to a surface. 

Do I need to be a “handy” or knowledgeable person to install?
Not at all. Our unique, interlocking system makes it simple enough for anyone of any age to install within minutes. However, you should make sure to always read our Installation Guide before installing any Apollo product. 

What happens if one of the connecting pegs snaps off?
We recommend that when planning to use Apollo for your project, always purchase 5-7% more material than required, in case any product is damaged during installation.

Do the tiles scratch easily?
Unlike PVC-capped composite decking, our material is both more durable and scratch-resistant; while our tiles can certainly show wear over time from heavy traffic, simply use a scratch pad to rub out any marks and/or scratches. For further information, please refer to our Scratch Repair Video.

How do I clean the tiles?
Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles require minimal maintenance. For more information, please refer to our Installation Guide or Video Tutorial.

How often should I clean my deck?
Minimal maintenance is required, and we recommend you fully clean our deck & patio tiles at least twice per year.

How much weathering should I expect to see over time?
Only a minimal amount, no more than 5% total over the first 90 days after installation. The colors are mixed into the composite recipe, meaning that you receive a denser, more textured color resistant to the severe weathering that affects wood-based products.

Will the tiles blow away in high wind?
Despite the lightweight design, Apollo Deck & Patio Tiles are anchored together by way of our patent-pending interlocking system and remain tethered to the surface. Please note: Hurricane winds could be a concern, so please be advised and prepare accordingly.

How hot will the tiles get in direct sunlight?
About the same as traditional wood or PVC-capped decking material, or pavement. Any direct exposure to sunlight will result in a hot-to-the-touch surface, no matter the color or material. We suggest selecting a shaded area or lighter color when considering your project for installation.